SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Conference Agenda: September 16-17, 2019

The agenda is still being finalized, confirmed sessions and speakers are listed below. Please check back for updates.

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Re-imagining Sales Onboarding — and Building a Service That Works

Do you think you have onboarding all figured out? Or is it the one thing that seems to consistently need to be changed? Chances are, your process and approach could use improvement. At all too many companies, the best way to describe their sales onboarding is "ineffective." In this presentation, Juliana Stancampiano, CEO of Oxygen, will talk about what's wrong with current approaches to onboarding as we know it, and how it needs to be re-invented, including:
  • The biggest mistakes organizations make when bringing on new sales hires
  • The three things you need to know to build an onboarding service that will get your people up to speed on what they really need to know to drive the onboarding outcome
  • How to use the lessons you learn about onboarding to modernize all your sales enablement efforts
Speaker: Juliana Stancampiano, CEO, Oxygen
How to Succeed with Sales 3.0

In his keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner – the founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine and the author of 16 books on selling, psychology, and sales management – will discuss the two major change drivers that are transforming our world and how we conduct business: technology and psychology. He will review what we've gained, what we've lost, and how digital transformation will continue to impact how B2B sales organizations compete and win.

Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power | @gerhard20
Mastering Sales Conversations – What AI Learned from 10 Companies That Grew over 100% in FY18

Your entire sales cycle depends on conversations. What reps say on cold calls or in meetings determines conversion rates from MQLs to SALs to Opportunities to "Closed Won" deals and renewals. In this world, are sales teams doing and saying the right things that help move deals forward?

Six Chorus data scientists (each a PhD) took apart billions of data sets from more than 4 million sales conversations – from cold calls to discovery meetings, product demos, and late-stage calls – to identify what makes some sales teams more successful than others.

In this session, Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of, will walk you through a data-driven story of what the team discovered. He will walk you through some of the best practices in sales conversations adopted by companies that have high conversion and win rates throughout the sales cycle.

Speaker: Roy Raanani, CEO and Co-founder, | @chorus_ai
It's About Time — and Therefore Money!

Get your sales team to master time, and they can master sales. But making the most of their precious selling time is impossible if you and they don't know the time cost and information impact of the core Inside Sales activities that compete for their time: phone, email, social outreach, and online research.

In this session, Inside Sales managers will get a timely breakdown of:
  • Whose time matters most? The sales reps' or their prospects'?
  • Time illusions and how they trick your reps into spinning their wheels when they could be making deals.
  • How to get your team to organize and sequence their selling day to break free of their time traps and make the most of their most powerful asset — selling time.
Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO and Co-Founder, ConnectAndSell | @chris8649
How Do the Best Salespeople Negotiate?

The best salespeople are systematic and precise with their preparation, ask thoughtful open-ended questions, listen intently, understand the other side's perspective, think strategically, and consummate sales that develop relationships. In this highly interactive session, Jeff will provide a brief overview of these success factors and then give the audience specific tools their teams could use, such as how to: make successful proposals, not negotiate against yourself, sell on value versus price, and not give products or services away without getting something valuable in return.

Speaker: Jeff Cochran, Partner, SNI
Breaking Barriers with an Integrated Software Suite

Software has changed the way people do business. Tedious processes – once done manually – are now automated. Software is about much more than automating the mundane; it's about revolutionizing the way people approach decision making, and unifying the organizational focus toward the same goal. During this session, we'll answer:
  • How does integrated software benefit the entire organization?
  • How does it build on the skills of younger employees?
  • How do I turn my company into a collaborative, problem-solving, and talent-building machine?
Speaker: Raj Sabhlok, President, Zoho | @Rajsabhlok
Sales Imperatives for Today's Digital World

In today's ever-increasingly digital world, sales leaders need to rethink how they engage with customers and partners – and enable customers to leverage the latest innovations to create value for their sales organizations. In this session, join Helen Fanucci, Global Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Microsoft Corporation, to learn about
  • How digital transformation is changing the way we sell
  • Driving organizational change and redefining roles to better serve customers
  • The changing relationship between customers and partners
  • The role of sales to provide strategic insights and influence product and corporate strategies for competitive advantage
Speaker: Helen Fanucci, Global Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Microsoft Corporation
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5 Trends That Will Impact Your Sales Team in 2019
5 Trends That Will Impact Your Sales Team in 2019
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