Speaker Nomination for Sales 3.0 Events

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NOTE: We are currently accepting applications for 2018; we will be making speaker selections for 2018 in the November/December 2017 timeframe.

We're most interested in working with senior or VP-level executives at leading companies, as well as industry experts and thought leaders.

Prospective speakers should be prepared to deliver strategies and insight (supported by case studies, real-world examples, and data) that can help B2B sales, sales operations, and marketing improve in a variety of areas. Popular topics include the following:
  • Strategies to manage, train, coach, and develop sales reps
  • Optimizing sales process and strategy
  • Enabling sales teams
  • Understanding and evaluating trends in selling
  • Aligning strategically with marketing
  • Leveraging social media and social selling
  • Emerging trends and technologies that impact sales force effectiveness
  • Motivating and compensating reps
Do not submit topics or abstracts that are designed to pitch a specific sales solution or service.

There is no deadline for submitting, we accept submissions on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in speaking at a specific event location, please include that as well.

NOTE: If the speaker you are nominating requires a speaking fee, please make sure to include that information and the amount of the fee in your nomination.

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