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Speaker Nomination for Sales 3.0 Events

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We're most interested in working with senior or VP-level executives at leading companies, as well as industry experts and thought leaders.

Prospective speakers should be prepared to deliver strategies and insight (supported by case studies, real-world examples, and data) that can help B2B sales, sales operations, and marketing improve in a variety of areas. Popular topics include the following:
  • Better strategies to manage, train, coach, and develop reps
  • Optimizing sales process and strategy
  • Enabling sales teams
  • Understanding and evaluating trends in selling
  • Aligning strategically with marketing
  • Leveraging social media and social selling
  • Emerging trends and technologies that impact sales force effectiveness
  • Motivating and compensating reps
We encourage you to check our past conference agendas to learn more about our past speakers and agendas.

Please do not submit topics or abstracts that are designed to pitch a specific sales solution or service.

There is no deadline for submitting, we accept submissions on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in speaking at a specific event, please include that as well.

NOTE: If the speaker you are nominating requires a speaking fee, please make sure to include that information and the amount of the fee in your nomination.

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For questions you can email: larissa@salesdottwoinc.com