During the past 10 years, the Sales 2.0 Conference emerged as the number-one event devoted to introducing B2B sales leaders to sales-technologies, trends, and strategies to produce increased revenue and improved sales performance. Cutting-edge sales leaders are now building on the advances of the 2.0 decade and seeking new ways to achieve revenue growth and productivity. We have entered the era of Sales 3.0.

What is Sales 3.0?

Like the 2.0 era, Sales 3.0 still encompasses these three broad categories: 1) people, 2) process and 3) technology. However, here are 4 key ways Sales 3.0 is different.
  1. Sales 3.0 takes for granted that B2B buyers are online, digitally empowered, and looking for salespeople who can articulate value.
  2. Sales 3.0 puts profitable account-based marketing (ABM) methodologies within reach for nearly all organizations (not just enterprise).
  3. Sales 3.0 leverages data, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics to find new customers and uncover their business needs.
  4. Sales 3.0 helps salespeople embrace the power of mindset to achieve peak sales performance.
Sales 3.0 is still about making sales organizations highly efficient and effective. It's also about providing enormous ROI on the right sales-technology tools for your team. Our expert speakers will explore and explain these concepts at our events in 2017.
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Sales 3.0 Conference, Philadelphia
December 4, 2017

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