APRIL 1-2, 2019

San Francisco
Sales 3.0 Conference Agenda: April 1-2, 2019

The agenda is still being finalized. Confirmed sessions and speakers are listed below. Please check back for updates.

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Customer Experience Is the New Battleground

A positive customer experience is critical to a company's brand and, ultimately, its bottom line. With the proliferation of technology and devices, the customer has become smarter and more powerful. Customers now decide when and how they want to interact with brands, which has had a direct impact on the way companies sell to their customers. While macro trends such as social, mobile, cloud, big data and IoT are forging a new era of engagement, customers are ultimately becoming far more disruptive than the technology itself. Tiffani Bova – Salesforce's Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist – will address how companies of all sizes can create new business practices that leverage technology to strengthen customer relationships and accelerate sales and growth. Attendees will hear actionable takeaways on how to create a customer-centric business and long-lasting brand loyalty.

Speaker: Tiffani Bova, Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce | @Tiffani_Bova
Beyond Solution Selling – What's Next?

Every year, we hear about the latest trends in the selling professional's marketplace. Maybe it's using artificial intelligence. Or focusing on account-based selling. Or maybe it's the use of social and mobile – or the use of AR and personalization. Indeed, all these trends, ideas, and technologies have merit. This session will explore – through a rich set of case studies – the "last three feet": the conversation that happens between the client and your company's brand and how creating alignment of interest becomes the next new thing as we extend solution selling.

Speaker: Joe Batista, Director and Chief Creatologist, DELL Technologies | @Dell
Dreams Never Die

CJ Anderson grew up in Vallejo, CA, in an inner-city neighborhood called "Country Club Crest." Early on, CJ was exposed to a rough upbringing, with his area seeing very high rates of drug use and crime. His house was even raided four times. However, though he could not change the environment he lived in, CJ was able to change his perspective – with sports helping to keep him out of trouble in the streets. During his high-school football career, CJ accumulated nearly 4,000 rushing yards. Then, in 2009, he began his college football career at Laney College in Oakland, CA – later playing at University of California-Berkeley as a junior in 2011 and, for the past six seasons, in the NFL. The mindset he learned through sports gave him the power to determine his future – and to come up with the Dreams Never Die Foundation. The mission of the Dreams Never Die Foundation is to provide inner-city and low-income youth with the resources needed to persevere and ultimately reach their maximum potential in academics and/or athletics. The Foundation strives to give youths a sense of belonging and inspiration – no matter the circumstances they face. Today, CJ will be talking about inner-city youth, perspective changes, mindset for power, and the Dreams Never Die Foundation.

Speaker: CJ Anderson, CEO and Founder, Dreams Never Die Foundation | @dndfoundation22
Time to Trust

Trust is the true currency of B2B sales, because buying for your employer is risky business. With their professional reputation on the line and no way to catch up to sellers' product knowledge, B2B buyers must ultimately throw their trust to one seller if they are to make a deal. Without this leap of trust, buyers stay on the sideline forever, and sellers – who, unlike buyers, don't have all the time in the world – fail in frustration. In this talk, Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, will lay bare the facts about trust in B2B selling, answering:
  • How much time does a seller have to gain a buyer's trust?
  • How much information must be exchanged between buyer and seller to establish trust?
  • What is the optimal communication sequence for driving trust at pace and scale?
  • What role does technology play in the B2B trust equation?
  • What three things can you do – immediately and at no cost – to master "time to trust" in B2B selling?
Trust is key in B2B. This talk will give you the practical keys to using your precious selling time to generate the trust you must have to make, not merely hope for, B2B sales success.

Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell | @chris8649
The Growth Rings: Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort

After documenting and researching more than 100,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering personal and professional development ideas by introducing the idea of the "Growth Rings." Bill's viral TEDx Talk, "Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life," first introduced the Growth Rings model and the impact it has on the evolution or decay of everything in our world. The Growth Rings illustrate how dangerous it can be to remain in a state of comfort – and how being in a state of discomfort is the only way to sustain growth. In this presentation, Bill shares his wildly popular, research-based discovery and its applications to your everyday life. Examples and lessons used are taken from business, athletics, nature, psychology and physiology. There are no boundaries to the applications of the Growth Rings, as evidenced by the feedback from Bill's followers around the world. Attendees will learn why discomfort should be embraced when comfort is appropriate – as well as needed strategies for triggering healthy discomfort to advance our businesses and careers. You'll be amazed at the world-changing outcomes the Growth Rings can have on your life and the lives of others.

Speaker: Bill Eckstrom, President, EcSell Institute | @BillEckstrom
Level 4 Value Creation: How to Create and Sustain Relationships of Value

The forces of globalization, disintermediation, and commoditization have radically changed how we do business. More and more, these forces are driving companies to behave transactionally. Sales organizations are struggling to create new opportunities, win new business, and maintain the margins they need to deliver results. Level 4 Value Creation is a methodology for moving from product, service, and solution to a higher level of value – that of a trusted advisor, or what we call a Level 4 Value Creator. Your team will learn how to create more value throughout the entire sales process, to create and win more opportunities, to win those opportunities at a higher margin, and to increase their wallet share within your existing clients.

Speaker: Anthony Iannarino, International Speaker, Author, and Sales Leader, B2B Sales Coach and Consultancy | @iannarino
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Four Leadership Insights You Need to Create an Amazing Sales Force
Four Leadership Insights You Need to Create an Amazing Sales Force
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