JUNE 18-19, 2019

Sales 3.0 Conference Agenda: June 18-19, 2019

The agenda is still being finalized, confirmed sessions and speakers are listed below. Please check back for updates.

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Fire in the Belly: Strategies to Motivate and Coach Your Sales Force

A high performing sales force is a function of various personal, organizational, and environmental factors. One of these critical factors is the motivation level of individual salespeople. For sales managers, the answer of how to "fire up" salespeople remains elusive. In this session, Dr. Michael Mallin will lead a discussion centered on a deeper understanding of salesperson motivation. Specifically, what it is, how it can be maximized, and the critical role of the reward system in motivating individual salespeople. Sales leaders will come away with ideas to increase salesperson motivation as well as approaches to better customize their coaching strategies based on the skill and motivation level of individual salespeople.

Speaker: Michael L. Mallin, Ph.D. – Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales, The University of Toledo
From Strategy to Execution: An Inside Look at Successful Sales Operations and Sales Enablement

Sales leaders know that, to create a successful sales team, you need the right people, following the right strategy, and the right Sales 3.0 technology to enhance the skills of your sales reps. But finding the right people can be hard. And how do you know if you are leveraging the right strategy? When it comes to the thousands of Sales 3.0 technology options out there, making an informed decision is time consuming and overwhelming. In this fireside chat with Gerhard Gschwandtner, Russ Walker – SVP Sales Operations and Enablement at Merrill Corporation – will share his insight and best practices for successful sales operations and enablement. He will provide specific insight on how his team finds and onboards the right sales talent, and how they evaluate and adopt Sales 3.0 tools.

Speakers: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power | @gerhard20
Russ Walker, SVP Sales Operations and Enablement, Merrill Corporation | @rjwalker023
How to Build Your World-class Sales Culture

In this practical interview, Kevin Higgins from DoubleDigit Sales will reveal the latest sales culture trends and best practices from more than 150 sales organizations across North America. You'll hear from a leading sales expert and Founder of the Kellogg School of Business Sales Institute, Craig Wortmann, on the importance of sales leadership in driving a high-performing sales culture. We'll also dive into how a high sales participation rate (the percentage of salespeople at or above plan) relates to strong sales results and share how knowledge, skill, and discipline are the keys for building a winning sales culture in your organization.

Speakers: Kevin Higgins, CEO, DoubleDigit Sales
Craig Wortmann, Founder, Kellogg School of Business Sales Institute | @CraigWortmann
It's about Time – and Therefore Money!

Get your sales team to master time, and they can master sales. But making the most of their precious selling time is impossible if you and they don't know the time cost and information impact of the core inside sales activities competing for their time: phone, email, social outreach, and online research. In this session, inside sales managers will get a timely breakdown of:
  • Whose time matters most: the sales reps' or their prospects'?
  • Time illusions and how they trick your reps into spinning their wheels when they could be making deals.
  • How to get your team to organize and sequence their selling day to break free of their time traps and make the most of their most powerful asset – selling time.
Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell | @chris8649
Creating a Level Four Mindset for Winning in Sales

In his keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner – the founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine and the author of 16 books on selling, psychology, and sales management – will discuss the two major change drivers that are transforming our world and how we conduct business: technology and psychology. He will review what we've gained, what we've lost, and how digital transformation and our ability to drive personal growth will continue to impact our future. He will also share the four levels of the sales mindset that lead to winning in business and in life.

Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power | @gerhard20
The Right Amount of Sales Automation

With up to 64 percent of sales reps' time being spent on non-selling activities, it's becoming harder for sales to build and accelerate pipeline. Smart automation can help a single rep cover more ground, but can come at the detriment of cookie-cutter, bland messaging that gets sent to the spam folder. In this session, we'll cover cutting-edge tactics – balancing automation, mediums, and personalization – that generate more replies, book more meetings, and close more deals. You'll learn:
  • The ideal number of sales campaign steps, based on industry insights.
  • When a rep should personalize rather than go all-in with automation.
  • How to standardize the sales cycle and buying experience across your team.
Speaker: Parth Thaker, Director of Sales, Mixmax | @mixmax
How to Get Appointments with C-level Executives...Fast

Not enough opportunities in the pipeline? Lack of quality pipeline? Long sales cycles? Low proposal-to-win rates? All these challenges are symptoms of a much deeper issue – your salespeople are prospecting and selling to the wrong people: mid-ranking executives who are vested in the status quo and who can't (or don't want to) say yes, but can say no. And here's the kicker: This is a leadership issue. Some executives and sales leaders will admit they're not proficient at setting meetings with senior decision makers, so their salespeople have nobody to model and don't know what "good" looks like. In this highly interactive session, you will learn what the top performing prospectors do differently and better. The session is personally led by Matt Conway, an expert at C-Level prospecting. Matt is a former executive, go-to-market strategy consultant, sales leader, and inside salesperson.

Speaker: Matt Conway, Go-to-Market Strategy Consultant and Sales Leader | @MattJConway
Make Every Minute Count: Diminished Customer Interface Requires Highest Level of Sales Performance

Organizations are investing in all manner of digital tools, such as AI, CRM, social media platforms, automated customer engagement, and lead generation vehicles – all to increase sales efficiency and improve sales professionals' time for high-value interactions and customer experience. Simultaneously, organizations have a growing concern for the quality of the customer experience and extending the customer lifespan. What is the result? Research has exposed a tremendous gap between the perception of providers and their customers regarding the quality of the customer experience being delivered. Sales professionals might actually be spending less time in the overall sales-and-nurture process. This raises the standard for their performance during active selling and customer engagement. As leaders, how can we ensure our sales teams bring maximum value to their shrinking time and engagement with customers, who need more expertise and insights from their partners? Carew International CEO Jeff Seeley will examine the sales strategy and critical skills needed for sales professionals to optimize the customer experience and sales effectiveness while extending customer lifespan and value.

Speaker: Jeff Seeley, CEO, Carew International | @jeffreybseeley
Beyond Lip Service: Attracting Women in Sales with Policies That (Really) Support Their Success

It's easy to sit in front of a female sales job candidate and tell her that your company is a great place for her to work, but do your workplace policies actually support that rhetoric? Many companies are operating under outdated policies and procedures that might not include any support for gender-equality practices. Women in sales, as well as women working in other areas of business (or other sectors of employment altogether), are looking for companies with clear positions on the fair and equitable treatment of men and women. For companies to attract and retain the best saleswomen in both entry-level and leadership positions, they should examine how their policies reflect issues related to gender equality. Our distinguished panel of Women in Sales Influencers will discuss the policies that can help your business create a climate that is conducive to gender equality so that, all things being equal, women will be more willing to work for you.

Moderator: Cynthia Barnes, Founder and CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals | @cynthiambarnes
Panelists: Jillian Blackwell, Microsoft Service Executive, Department of Defense, Army/Navy | @jillblackwell
Krista Moore, President, CEO, K.Coaching Inc. | @KCoachingKrista
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Four Leadership Insights You Need to Create an Amazing Sales Force
Four Leadership Insights You Need to Create an Amazing Sales Force
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