AUGUST 24-25, 2020
Toronto, ON
Conference Agenda: August 24-25, 2020

The agenda is still being finalized, confirmed sessions and speakers are listed below. Please check back for updates.

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The Moneyball of Sales Leadership: Sales Participation Rate

Kevin Higgins, CEO of DoubleDigit Sales, will reveal the latest sales culture trends and best practices from more than 150 sales organizations across North America. Hear from the leading sales expert and author of the bestseller Engage Me on the importance of sales leadership in driving a high-performing sales culture. You will dive into the correlation between a high sales participation rate (the percentage of salespeople at or above plan) and strong results. Kevin will share how management disciplines, reward and recognition, world-class technology, and people development are the keys to building a winning sales culture in your organization.

Speaker: Kevin Higgins, CEO, DoubleDigit Sales
The Neuroscience Underpinning Sales

The unique and fresh perspective of this session explores the science and psychology underpinning sales, and is backed up by neuroscience and profiling case studies over the past six years.

The consistent return on investment and measurable outcomes of Tanya Kunze's work in this particular field of sales has earned her the nickname globally of "The Sales Whisperer."

In this session we will delve into introspection, the power of positivity, the impact of attentional awareness, and the measurable outcomes of understanding how to unpack your sales profiles – maximizing the employment, placement, training methodologies, and potential of not only your sales force but your sales support and leadership teams, too.

She will share her secret skill-application formulas, which she discovered while analyzing the dramatic growth in sales that she tracked after her workshops – per industry, geographical location, and sales role.

Tanya will leave you inspired, motivated, and with a wealth of applicable tools from both a professional and personal perspective.

Speaker: Tanya Kunze, CEO, Swift Coaching
Five Tips for Delivering an Impactful Sales Communications Strategy

An effective sales communications strategy plays a vital role in ensuring sellers are engaged, productive, and well prepared to win in the field. It is also a powerful vehicle for shaping culture through recognition, promoting collaboration, and sharing seller stories.

Whether your sales organization is large or small, centrally located or spans the globe, in this session you'll learn five tips for expanding your sales communications efforts to achieve maximum impact.
  1. Eliminate information chaos
  2. Swim in every channel
  3. Create opportunities for sellers to share their stories
  4. Leverage events to generate motivation
  5. Shape your culture
Speakers: Annie Smith, Global Sales Events and Communications, Merrill Corporation
Russ Walker, SVP Sales Operations & Enablement, Merrill Corporation | @rjwalker023
From Play to Pay: Five Tips for Using Video to Earn Attention and Accelerate Deals

Targeted video content and personalized video messaging are powerful ways to stand out from the crowd, to educate buyers quickly and clearly, and to establish a more personal relationship with cold prospects. Those using video effectively are seeing higher response rates, fewer meeting cancellations, shorter deal cycles, and greater sales efficiency. But how are they really doing it? Join Tyler Lessard to discover their secrets to success and walk away with five actionable ideas for how to inject video into your sales process in a way that is natural, authentic, and simply irresistible.

Speaker: Tyler Lessard, Vice President, Marketing, Vidyard | @tylerlessard
Achieving Frictionless Sales Enablement

While technology has improved the sales enablement function, it has also created road bumps that can impede your ability to ramp up sales reps quickly and effectively. It is time to rethink sales training and sales enablement. In this session, SPARXiQ CEO David Bauders will discuss those challenges as well as a strategic approach for targeted sales force optimization.

Speaker: David Bauders, CEO, SPARXiQ
Five Ways to Accelerate Sales Effectiveness in 2020

"Sales effectiveness" refers to the ability of a company's sales professionals to "win" at each stage of the customer's buying process. "Accelerate" refers to a change in velocity. Accelerating sales effectiveness means we need our sales teams to be more effective at a higher speed. The question is, "How do we do that?"" By taking a data-driven approach to sales.

In this session, you will learn five ways you can use data to determine:
  • Who on your team has the right skills for your unique selling environment
  • Who on your team has amazing skills but is in the wrong role
  • Who on your team has skills gaps – and how to fill those gaps
  • What tools your team needs to sell your products and services
  • How best to interview new talent to ensure sales success
Speaker: Mark Roberts, VP of Sales and Marketing, SPARXiQ | @markaroberts
Corporate Strategy and Cold Call Scripts: Strange Bedfellows or Essential Partners?

With the rising power of private equity, executing corporate strategy has become more challenging. For many B2B companies, the obvious best path forward is tightly focused organic growth – growth designed to enter and dominate markets, not merely grow market share. It turns out that the trust-centric nature of buying B2B solutions brings a new strategic player onto the scene. This session lays out the surprising consequences of this strange coupling, along with a step-by-step approach to using it to your advantage.

Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell | @chris8649
Blind Spots

Dave Mattson will share insights on the barriers and blind spots that often prevent companies from achieving the level of success they envision. He will also offer guidance on the process for recognizing and avoiding these blind spots, and how to build an organization of excellence over the next 3-5 years.

Takeaways attendees can expect:
  • Detailed process for hiring and onboarding
  • How to tie corporate goals to personal goals
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of accountability
  • How to focus on lead generation
  • Capturing best practices
  • Training and coaching your management team
Speaker: Dave Mattson, CEO and President, Sandler Training | @Dave_Mattson
Four States of Consultative Culture – Is Your Team Selling Too Soon?

Today's buyers have very little time for sales professionals, even though they want trusted consultative experts. As a sales leader, you'll find out if your team and your entire organization is selling too soon to your customers. In this interaction session, you'll learn:
  • Four states of the consultative culture – what state is your organization in?
  • Are customers demanding that your team sell too soon?
  • What is the behavioral gap that is missing in your sales-buyer process?
  • What is your impact as a leader and coach to get your team to the highest state and earn the trust of your customers?
  • What is the secret weapon that will catapult the performance of your team?
Speaker: Lisa Leitch; CSP2, Sales Strategist, Speaker, and Coach; Teneo Results | @TeneoResults
Cracking the Buyer Code – What Do Buyers Really Want from Sales Professionals?

Today's demanding buyer doesn't have time or respect for sales professionals. In this session, a panel of buyers will share their insight on exactly what they like and don't like about sales professionals' approaches and actions. You'll get inside the buyer's mindset as they reveal the good, the great, and the ugly of sales reps' actions to earn their business.

In this interactive panel, you'll learn what it takes to get a buyer's attention, get in their door to secure a meeting, and then earn their business and (ultimately) a long-term partnership.

Moderator: Lisa Leitch; CSP2, Sales Strategist, Speaker, and Coach; Teneo Results | @TeneoResults
Why Sales Enablement Is the Secret Sauce of Hypergrowth Companies

Elay Cohen – the CEO and co-founder of SalesHood, two-time author, and former Senior Vice President – will educate and inspire us with ways to use sales enablement to grow revenue faster. You'll walk away with the sales enablement playbook to get your teams learning, coaching, and selling better. Everyone attending will also get a copy of his latest book Enablement Mastery.

Speaker: Elay Cohen, CEO and Co-founder, SalesHood | @elaycohen
Objective-Based Selling: Communicating Value in a Good-Enough World

Contrary to popular myth, pain and need have less of an impact on purchasing decisions than business objectives. To engage and sell more, sellers must help buyers achieve ongoing business objectives and the impacts they deliver for their business. Buyers want to work with sellers who focus on delivering business results. This presentation delivers clear, executable strategies and tools for engaging with buyers' most fundamental drivers – their objectives for success. Attend this session to learn how your sales team can leverage objective-based selling to sell better and sell more by helping buyers achieve their objectives.

Speaker: Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.
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