"The sessions at Virtual sales 3.0 were made up of speakers who are subject matter experts selected to talk about subjects that help businesses to prepare to succeed in our new normal post-pandemic world."
"Sales 3.0 Conference provided insightful intelligence on real-world sales transformation strategies and tools. The content was relevant because it was real world. 24 hours later, I am already actioning what I learned. Great session for the investment!"
"It was an exceptionally run virtual conference and afforded me the opportunity to learn, enjoy, become inspired and not having to leave home while doing all that!"
"I would highly recommend this event if you are serious about improving sales for you and your team. Each speaker offered valuable information and ideas that challenge your thinking and ideas that you can put into action."
"I enjoyed hearing from other sales leaders and how they manage their teams in stressful times."
"Highly recommend all Sales 3.0 events, great content and speakers and info on trends. Thank you!"
"It was a great investment of time. Very relevant and informative."
"Loved this conference! I learned so much and really enjoyed all the sessions. Can't wait for the next one!"
"Enjoyed the whole conference. Great stuff. I took lots of notes and gave me some great ideas to share with my team. Thanks all!!!"
"Excellent Sales 3.0 conference today! Thank you for all your wisdom and thought leadership."
"Excellent event!! Very fresh and excellent content!!"
"Sales 3.0 Conference gave me the opportunity to listen about cutting-edge topics in a very engaging way."
"Good speakers with valuable insight into working in the new 'normal'."
"It was by far the best booth and networking equivalent in a virtual setting we've seen."
"Well put together. Quality speakers. Great content. Relevant."
"Sales 3.0 always brings the best in the business of sales to the stage. Had a really great time learning about new ideas that can be implemented to bring more sales."
"The sessions were inspirational, impactful, and educational."
"The virtual Sales 3.0 Conference was well organized and executed. The platform used for the conference was very user friendly and I enjoyed the speakers and presentations for the event. I look forward to the next one!"
"Amazing event with many takeaways! Thank you!"
"Sales 3.0 is a powerful conference that helped me and so many others embrace the future. I learned new things and met great people. Ideas and actions were discussed in order to elevate professional sales teams and leaders. This is a conference that I'd love to attend again."
"The Sales 3.0 Conference was a great benefit for me, I learned a great deal and am grateful that we made the decision to attend and look forward to future conferences. Thank you!"
"This was my first Sales 3.0 event and I absolutely loved it! There was a lot of enthusiasm, the people were all professional and considerate, and it really felt good to be there. I also thought the content was relevant and well-delivered. Overall, one of the best events I've been to – ever!"
"This was my First Sales 3.0 Conference and I look forward to attending future events as the content and speakers provided great ideas and presentations that will help with my organization. Glad to part of this group."
"Sales 3.0 was a great way to hear what leading companies are thinking about and implementing in their sales process. It was a great opportunity to network with thought leaders and exchange ideas."
"I loved the balance of empathy and data the speakers shared as a recipe for enabling sales professionals and clients to create mutual respect. AI can now measure the quality of conversation and the speakers showed us how to train and operationalize that knowledge."
"I really enjoyed the conference and would recommend it to anyone trying to stay on top of the latest trends in sales technology, sales enablement and sales methodologies."
"I always gain actionable insight that I can put into practice as soon as I return to the office, and meet key people I can bounce ideas off of and expand my network. It's definitely worth the time!"
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