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Sales Leadership in a Virtual World

How does a Chief Sales Officer lead and inspire a sales organization in a virtual environment? In this Q&A, Kelley Hippler, Forrester's Chief Sales Officer, will discuss the best practices for selling in a digital environment and driving sales productivity. Based on her own experience leading a sales team in a virtual environment, Kelley will also share the most valuable lessons she learned as a leader.

Speaker: Kelley Hippler, Chief Sales Officer, Forrester
Three Strategies to Attract, Retain, and Develop Top SDR Talent at Scale

Finding great SDRs today is a challenge for every go-to-market team. And while plenty of time, energy, and money is spent finding and hiring SDR talent, properly retaining, enabling, and developing the SDRs already at your organization is often neglected due to high turnover, short job tenures, and lack of management bandwidth.

Tune in to hear from Ryan Policella, Vice President of Sales Development at Validity, as he shares the top strategies, tactics, and technologies he uses to keep high-performing SDRs engaged longer, coach up and ramp new SDRs faster, and build smarter, more efficient SDR workflows to remove technical roadblocks.

You will learn about:
  • The "coaching and development" gap that's resulting in higher turnover and shorter SDR job tenures, and how to stand apart and create an exceptional SDR culture
  • The most common "efficiency killers" crippling your team's ability to hit their goals, and how to address them at scale
  • The technical roadblocks to ramping new SDRs quickly, and how to enable a faster time-to-production with more efficient, intuitive CRM workflows

Speaker: Ryan Policella, Vice President, Sales Development, Validity
Enablement Is Not Confined to Sales

While revenue and sales enablement have grown significantly in popularity and impact in the past few years, companies are now discovering that those same programs can benefit the whole organization. RingCentral has brought together a diverse team of exceedingly talented learning and enablement leaders who focus on engagement and inclusivity; onboarding and career progression; coaching, empowerment, and agility; as well as supporting and enabling shareholders – employees, customers, and partners. We need to bring the benefits and optimization of scalable corporate enablement to everyone – not just sales. You can lead the way!

Speaker: Sheevaun Thatcher, Vice President, Digital Learning and Enablement, RingCentral
LinkedIn Tips Now That We Are All Inside Sales Professionals

If you grew your pipeline from networking meetings, trade shows, and conferences – or even visiting prospects in their office – you know you need to supplement your efforts. LinkedIn and social selling are certainly some of the best alternatives...but you have to do it right or it can backfire. In this session, Brynne Tillman will teach you how to leverage LinkedIn in a hybrid sales environment, including:
  • Demonstrating the social selling mindset that proves to your buyers that they actually matter to you
  • Positioning your profile to be value-centric, not just a resume – or, worse yet, a pitch deck
  • Finding and engaging targeted connections you have been ignoring
  • Leveraging your clients to get referrals
  • Doing and saying the right things to get hands raised and appointments set

Speaker: Brynne Tillman, CEO, LinkedIn Whisperer, Social Link Sales
How to Manage Your Sales Team in a World that Never Stops Changing

In this fireside chat, Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner will interview Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of the new book Sales Management That Works. This will be an interactive session and your questions are welcome.

Topics discussed will include:
  • How to address the current war for sales talent
  • New competencies to look for when hiring sales reps
  • Best strategies for rewarding and retaining top sales talent
  • Secrets to a great sales coaching process
  • How to build and manage a winning sales model
  • How to define customer value
Speaker: Frank Cespedes, Author, Sales Management That Works, and Professor, Harvard Business School
Why Your Team Won't Hit Quota and How You Can Prevent it

There's a change brewing that could make your sales team obsolete. Because in today's digitally-connected, socially-engaged, mobile-attached and video hungry world, your customers are demanding something 'different' from you and your sales team. The question is: Are you responding?

In this presentation, you will be taken on a journey to fully understand the ever-changing market dynamics that are at play and why (if you're not careful), you and your sales teams may become 'old news'.

Mario will cover 3 things that could impact your team's modern sales success. He'll review:
  1. The science and logic behind the most effective prospecting strategies that get results.
  2. The use of outdated sales training methods could be robbing you of market share.
  3. Sales coaching practices that suck and what to replace them with to hit your numbers.
Do not miss this actionable session with Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso, the world's largest modern sales prospecting training company, where you will learn the steps you must take to consistently achieve quota!

Speaker: Mario Martinez, CEO & Co-founder, Vengreso

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