The event will be hosted live on September 7-8, 2023. We are working to confirm all the speakers and sessions for the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas.

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The Moves Top Sales Leaders Make to Create Exponential Growth

Top sales leaders matter. They grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable than their peers – all while increasing customer loyalty and sales team engagement. What's their secret? While there are only so many actions available to a sales leader to grow revenue profitably and consistently, the truth is that there is not one universal recipe. And, not all sales moves are of equal value in every situation. In this session, we'll explore how to identify the sales moves that make sense for your unique circumstances. You'll walk away with practical growth strategies and tips.

Speaker: Tristam Brown, Chairman & CEO, LSA Global
Now More Than Ever, You Can't Throw Cash and Headcount at Sales – You Need Efficiency

Ineffective prospecting needs to be solved for sales led growth companies to become profitable. Sales reps live and die by the quality of the information they use for prospecting. Accurate contact data is oxygen for new business reps. And the entire investment in the sales tech stack and people depends on it. Yet, contact data is the only "tool" in the sales tech stack that has zero visibility into its performance. Modigie provides empirical evidence into the massive economics of waste caused by inaccurate contact information and delivers an automated solution where all the tools and personnel thrive.

Speaker: Ken Hoppe, CEO, Modigie

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