February 24-25, 2021
The agenda for the virtual Sales 3.0 Conference is still being finalized, confirmed sessions and speakers are listed below.

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Why Qualifying a Cold Call Guarantees Failure — and What to Do Instead

Everybody knows we should only spend precious sales time on qualified prospects. So, doesn't it make sense to qualify for everything — including budget and timing — on every cold call? How about follow-up calls? For those, qualifying is a no-brainer.

In this session, Chris will share why qualifying on a cold call guarantees you will walk right by your best opportunities while simultaneously blinding yourself to the quality of the market you are targeting. He'll also give you a step-by-step alternative approach that flips the script to turn your outbound calling into market dominance instead of thrash and confusion.

Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell
The Best Salespeople use Multiple Sales Methodologies

Most companies use only one Sales Methodology, for consistency and clarity. But it's common for experienced Salespeople to have been trained in additional, different Methodologies than the one endorsed by their Employer.

Is there a way to lean into this? Can you preserve the consistency of “One Official Methodology” while encouraging Salespeople to actively use the other training they've had?

Yes, you can. And you can do it in a way that's clear, consistent and creates an advantage for Salespeople. A multi-year University study, originally commissioned to find “The Best Sales Methodology”, found that the most successful salespeople already use tactics from multiple sales methodologies, depending on the deal situation. There's a way to teach this approach to Salespeople, without ignoring or “canceling out” the methodology their employer has selected.

Session Takeaways:
  • How to teach situational awareness to Salespeople
  • The "meta-strategies" extracted from the major sales methodologies
  • How data science can add insights to understanding situations and best strategies
Speaker: Eric Fraser, CEO, VantagePoint Performance
Embrace Your Competitive Edge

In every role, it is important to build trust and inspire confidence in your competence. As an individual, how do you showcase your talent to drive impact? As an entrepreneur, how do you convince someone to invest in you? As a leader, how do you relieve anxiety of the masses to steward bold change? Be curious, establish credibility, and lead with courage. Earn it. Own it. Evolve it. There is no room for entitlement when you're asking teams within your organization to join you on a journey and adopt your vision, your roadmap, and your work ethic. In this session Hang Black will share how you can achieve amazing results by embracing your competitive edge and leading your team with courage and authenticity.

Speaker: Hang Black, VP of Global Sales & Technical Enablement, Juniper Networks
The Number One Coaching Strategy to Improving Performance

If your sales force struggles to reach quota consistently, then it's time to focus on your front-line leaders – how they coach and lead has more impact on sales performance than any other sales rep development program or AI tool. Today, sellers need one-on-one support to develop the advanced skills required to sell virtually.

Most savvy leaders understand this truth but still struggle to address the number one barrier to coaching: time.

Coaches waste countless hours each month because coaches and front-line leaders are simply coaching the wrong people. This session will reveal where to invest coaching time, reduce the time required to coach, and provide simple strategies for motivating even the most resistant rep.

You will walk away with:
  • A simple matrix that will help you identify, lead, and develop the four types of sellers – Independents, Striver, Detractors & Achievers
  • A clear understanding of who you should coach and the most effective strategies for removing the four barriers to sustainable change
  • The three decisions top coaches make that help them outperform their peers by 44%
Speakers: Tom Stanfill, CEO & Founder, ASLAN Training and Development
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power
Resilience is the Road to Transformation

How can we strengthen our resilience muscle and use it to overcome and transform in today's business climate and world? In this talk, Kristy West will share how to tap into and build resilience within ourselves and use it in our work. Today more than ever, we can use our stories of resilience to increase our power to inspire action, build connections, solve problems and sell anything.

Speaker: Kristy West, Applied Improv Facilitator, Founder, BraveSpace

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